What is FaceWisely?

FaceWisely is an event scheduler that lets all participants see their risk of catching COVID-19 at your event.

How Does FaceWisely Work?

A few simple steps are all that is required for the entire process:
  1. Create an event on FaceWisely.com, no registration needed
  2. Check your email and click the link to confirm your event
  3. Invites are now sent with a link to a 30 second Covid-19 Risk Survey [See live example below]
  4. Completing the survey shows your every day risk and allows you to RSVP to the event
  5. RSVPing sends a calendar invite email with link to check the event's risk at any time [See live example below]

Guest Risk Survey

All guests and the host will receive a link to this survey. They can check re-take this survey at any time to update their risk level. If a guest doesn't complete or declines the survey, they won't be included in the overall risk calculation.

Take the Risk Assessment Survey to RSVP

What is this? FaceWisely allows an event host to email a COVID-19 risk survey to all their guests. The survey does not capture private information, but does allow all the guests to understand how likely they will catch COVID-19 if they attend the event. FaceWisely also allows the host to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 at the event by asking guests with very high risk of carrying COVID-19 to not attend. Just fill out the survey below to see your risk of having COVID-19 and the current risk of contracting COVID-19 from attending this event.

The 1 Minute Survey

About You

So we can assess your county based risk

So we can assess your age based risk

Pre-existing conditions

Your behaviour


Your host will receive your RSVP. If you are above a certain threshold, they will reach out.
By hitting "Calculate & RSVP" you agree to the terms of service.

Guest Status Page Example

This is what your guests who RSVP will get a link to. They can check any time to see the latest info. Add to your calendar directly from this page.

Homer's BBBQ
1 hour

July 23rd 2020, 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield

The extra B is for BYOB.

5 of 12

People confirmed

Still On

Event Status


Probability that someone at your event will be sick


Probability that you wil get Covid-19 from attending this event

You want to manage your event, inviting or removing people and approving those that have a high risk level
  • Upon confirming your event, you receive an email with a link to manage your event
  • You can add or remove guests
  • You can see each guest's risk level as well as the overall event risk level
  • Any guest with over 10% chance of having COVID-19 will generate an email to you for manual review
  • You can cancel the event
  • You can share the link to allow others to manage the event as well (no logins required)

Admin Portal Example

This is what the host sees. They can manage their event here.

Admin Portal Example
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