What is FaceWisely?

FaceWisely allows an event host to email a COVID-19 risk survey to all their guests. The survey does not capture private information, but does allow all the guests to understand how likely they will catch COVID-19 if they attend the event. FaceWisely also allows the host to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 at the event by asking guests with very high risk of carrying COVID-19 to not attend. 

It’s simple and free, just fill in your event details and you will receive emails guiding you through the process of making your event as COVID-19 safe as possible!

Do you retain my personal information?

FaceWisely does not retain private information submitted to the survey. The only information it retains is contact emails for hosts and guests so it can email the risk assessment and further communications to everyone invited to an event.

How does FaceWisely calculate risk?

Individual risk calculations are determined using the algorithms originally developed by 19andme. Event risk is calculated by finding the total probability that someone at the event will have COVID-19. The risk of catching COVID-19 from attending the event is calculated using the likelihood of COVID-19 being transferred to an individual at the event.

Does FaceWisely work outside the United States?

The data used in FaceWisely is specific to the United States and may not accurately represent the risk in other countries.

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